Moss International assists clients both locally and internationally to deliver solutions across a range of industries and sectors. We have built our reputation on bringing a deep knowledge, key industry relationships, and a willingness to tackle complex business scenarios to meet every client need. 

Led by Mr. Melvin Moss, our team provides the highest quality advice and support to companies and their stakeholders facing a wide range of operational and strategic challenges. 
At Moss International, we are passionate, results-oriented, and creative problem solvers. We operate with honesty, respect, high ethical standards and a strong commitment to our success.

Our approach is very different and fundamental to the value we deliver. At Moss International, our work involves in-depth analysis of clients’ external environments-competitors, customers, and other market factors. Across the United States and in supporting international clients, we focus on an approach that uniquely integrates strategy, operations and organizational solutions creating a solid platform for sustainable excellence.
Moss International is committed to client service above all else, and our lasting client relationships prove it. Our cross-industry expertise allows us to take advantage of rapidly changing market conditions and serve as an invaluable asset to management teams as they pursue growth across a variety of economic cycles and geographic markets.

We have developed long relationships with our clients based on mutual trust, respect and high-value, durable results. 

At Moss International, we have continually helped innovators take advantage of new business opportunities and anticipate trends through long-term relationships irrespective of the changing economic landscape. We understand the corporate bottom-line, and know the factors that ensures project success. Our work is making our client’s succeed.

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