We define personal and professional coaching as working in partnership between coach (Moss International, LLC) and clients to provide structure, guidance and support for entrepreneurs and individuals.

Our coaching practice is dedicated to cultivating and supporting effective decision making, in business and in life.

At Moss International, we offer a results-focused coaching for individuals, teams and organizations that delivers measurable improvements at both individual and organizational levels. We focus on value added strategies and adopt only proven methods that are evidence-based, strategic and transformative.

We understand that coaching helps take an individual to the next level through a process of self-discovery, in a supportive and confidential environment, that enhances your capacity and performance, so we value every opportunity to assist.

For our work, we engage in a series of assessment, exploration, and evaluation that ultimately translates insight into action. Moss International brings fresh perspectives including enhanced decision-making skills. These skills include greater interpersonal effectiveness, increased confidence, accelerated attainment of goals and satisfaction with life and work.

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